A note about our bids…


            Our main concerns are: Quality & Customer Satisfaction.


            Many companies will strive to give you the lowest bid, and then hurry through your job so they can move on to the next one.  We don’t play the pricing game.  We seek chiefly to provide you with quality work that meets or exceeds your expectations.  You know the saying “If a job is worth doing- it’s worth doing right.”  That is more than a cliché to us- it’s the way we do business. We know that you are proud of your home or business, and we are proud to be a part of improving it. 


Rest assured that we are a fully insured legal business. 
We will not be gone tomorrow when you need us. 
You are our livelihood, and we treat your property with respect. 
We strive to minimize disruption to your daily life. 
We clean up after ourselves. 
If we make a mistake- we fix it. 
We want to make you happy so that you will call us again.


A little fine print…


Ø      All prices reflect a cash/check discount.  Some contracts may be subject to a slightly higher rate when using another form of payment.

Ø      All spot painting, wood, tile and drywall patches, and many other jobs where new materials are matched to existing materials are done on a best-effort basis.  Even a perfect match may stand out when done only in a small area.  The alternative is to replace or repaint the entire matching area, which you may or may not deem cost effective.

Ø      Bids do not include unforeseeable labor which occasionally occurs, e.g. rotted studs behind a wall, disintegrated sub flooring, corroded pipes or wires, etc.  Such occurrences will incur additional charges over and above the contracted amount. 

Ø      Unless otherwise noted, other professionals’ fees (e.g. for plumbing & electrical work) are estimated.  Every effort is made to give you a fair idea of these charges, but if unforeseen charges do occur, they are the responsibility of the customer.  If you prefer, we can schedule a time for a measurement with these contractors so that they may give you a firm bid.

Ø      If supplied, costs for materials are arbitrary.  Customers may, at their discretion, purchase or authorize more or less expensive substitute items.

Ø      Many kinds of installations (e.g. flooring or countertops) will incur the need for touch-up painting or other minor corrections.  The basic installation price does not include materials or labor for such painting or corrections. 

Ø      If a customer-initiated change or necessary unforeseen additional labor incurs additional trips (i.e. for more materials, etc.), additional trip charges will apply. 

Ø      All agreements- written or verbal- are subject to our standard General Provisions, which are available upon request and are provided on the reverse side of our proposals.  These provisions are also posted on our web site.


Please note:


            Our orders are scheduled on a FIRST SIGNED, FIRST SERVED basis.  Our availability (the time it takes before we can begin work on your project) may vary noticeably from day to day.  You may not want to wait until the last minute to accept our bid if you are on a schedule.